We find joy in telling your story.

So he popped the question and she said yes and that’s where it all started. Couples who are just engaged and are planning their wedding will find our website helpful by showing our previous wedding videos. Our beautiful videos will give the couple an idea especially in Calgary an overview of how it looks like to get married on that wedding venue or with specific vendors and also what it looks like working with us.

Our pages that are dedicated to our blog contains our written thoughts about our previous filming experience on a specific wedding. If you want to have a bit of idea of how it looks like to get married in a specific wedding venue for reception or ceremony, this is the right site for you. We will feature here specific wedding venues, wedding planners, wedding vendors based on our experience working on a wedding of our clients.

Our blog will show videos and screenshots of our past wedding work which is a perfect source for bride and groom in planning their wedding. Our posts could serve as a resource for a couple planning their wedding to check if this is something that they would like by visualizing the kind of wedding that they want to have. In every post, we will do the best we can to be a good resource of information for the bride and groom.