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How Much a Wedding Videographer Costs?
In this day and age, wedding videography give the most ideal approach to remember wedding memories. Usually it comes into package depending on the length of the coverage and the types of edited video output to be provided by the wedding film makers. It will also depends on the city you live in.

Based on Coverage
The cost can be depending on which part of the wedding that needs to be covered. On an average wedding, there are 3 main events that couples wants to be covered – Getting-Ready, Ceremony, and Reception. Some couple wants to just have the Ceremony, while some wants both the Ceremony and Reception but most couple wants a Full-Day coverage.

Based on Location
Travel cost is a huge factor in costing. If the wedding videography team needs to go from one place to another from a place when a couple gets ready to Ceremony and to Reception-that could affect the costing as well. Destination weddings definitely requires cost for travelling and accommodation.

Based on Edited Video Output
Mostly, packages includes the 3-5 minute edited Highlights that could fit in 1-2 songs. A Feature Film where in length varies from 12 to 30 minutes is also a popular inclusion into the package.

The usual package can range from $3,500-$6,000 and higher that usually includes two cameras at the wedding.

Extra expenses:
Some wedding videographers offer the alternative of an extra camera for the service. A second videographer costs somewhere in the range of $100 and $150 every hour, and many require at least 2 hours.

Extra DVD/Bluray is an extra expense too.
Some couples wants to have an Engagement session that could be used to remind their guests to save the date for their wedding. Same-Day Edit is also an extra service that many videographers are offering so the couple can play their wedding video on the Reception.

Wedding cinematographers does the shooting and editing by putting all the camera angles altogether with the different sub-event of a wedding to not necessarily in the chronological order but in a way that it is cinematic and watchable to make a good story. The bridal shower party, wedding planning, engagement, ceremony and reception can be incorporated into the filming. Number of guests may also influence the cost.

Full-day of filming is obviously has higher cost than a selective coverage such as couple wanting just the ceremony or just the reception to be filmed. There are also couples who are having the traditional wedding that is celebrated not only in just a day but could be from 2-7 days. In the same token, the more footage the wedding videographers get, the more time they need to spend