Fairmont Palliser

Our wedding videography team had a handful of experience filming a wedding or event at Fairmont Palliser. It’s a pretty popular wedding venue in the city of Calgary for its elegance and royal ambience. This historical hotel was established for more than a hundred years now. Stepping into this city landmark, you will be stunned by the beauty and charm because of its majestic setting.

Sitting at the heart of Downtown Calgary, staying at the hotel the night or days before the wedding is a good idea. Most weddings have guests coming from abroad and Fairmont Palliser is an excellent spot to stay to experience what local Calgary has to offer. Fairmont Palliser is close to shops and Calgary train. Right next to it is the Calgary Tower where on top is the 360 Sky View Restaurant which is a good place for excellent dining experience where people can see the 360 sky view of Calgary. Also in downtown, there is a +15 bridge which is an indoor and heated pedestrian bridge to access almost all buildings in downtown Calgary.The Fairmont Palliser is well-known for its excellent services. Their Wedding Manager will guide the bride and groom throughout the wedding planning process. Fairmont Palliser is also a home for talented chefs and cooks that serves mouth-watering foods served at dinner table. With all the white table material, fine white china, signature flatware and stemware, votive candles and roundabout mirrors with complete sets of silverwares is a unique dining experience at Fairmont.

One wedding that we filmed was for Kevin & Brittany. Tying the knot in the heart of the beautiful and world’s cleanest city of Calgary, this wedding day of Kevin & Brittany couldn’t be more wonderful. Blessed with warmth of the sun and love from friends and family, what more can you ask for? Here is their wedding video that shows how beautiful Fairmont Palliser is.

The bride and the bridesmaids had their make-up at one of the hotel rooms where there was a nice view of the city. We were able to got some footage of that as well and right across the building, the Calgary Tower was reflected at the other building. A letter to the groom was prepared where we were able to take a footage while Brittany was writing it. We had a nice footage of the wedding dress hanging.
Kevin and his groomsmen had a chance to hang-out at the suite before getting ready. We had a chance to take some footage of the guys opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate the start of the day. Kevin also wrote a letter for Brittany.
After the ceremony and photoshoot, their reception was at the Crystal Ballroom where they have a grand entrance and heart-warming speeches. A toast to the bride and a toast to the groom and speeches from the parents of both sides is the highlight of the evening. The dance floor was jam packed and everyone enjoyed the night. Snacks and cocktail was served outside the hall. This is truly an amazing night for Kevin and Brittany.

Another wedding that we filmed was with Kira and Marco. Here’s their wedding video:
Kira’s wedding dress was stunning with a flowing veil where we were able to set it up outside the hotel room. The bridesmaids dresses were yellow as their theme was Lemon. Their wedding cake was decorated with lemons. They have bottles of Limoncello at every dinner table. It was quite amazing. Their wedding reception happened at the Alberta Room. It’s my favorite hall at the Fairmont Palliser because the hand painted murals that you will make you enter the hall in awe. Their first dance was so enchanting as it was Beyonce’s version of ‘Ave Maria’.

Their photoshoot was taken at the Prince Edward Island Park which is a 5-minute drive from Fairmont Palliser. This park may not be a good idea for a daytime photoshoot because of so many tourists, bikers and joggers sine it’s a favorite spot for those activities in Downtown Calgary. Here is where the Millenium bridge is.

All things considered, their wedding speeches is one of the greatest parts of their wedding night. Having a set course of events to stick made their wedding guests get the most ideal experience to make it a night they can’t forget! While their visitors are hanging out with each other after the function was a decent time for the couples session and formal family photographs. It was a perfect time for their visitors to unwind and appreciate some appetizers and beverages before they go into the main wedding.

Their wedding organizer as well as DJ/MC will had the majority of their visitors gathered together and situated in the banquet room with t mark the beginning of the reception and called the guests to look for their seat and will give some other extraordinary overview amid this time. The beginning of the reception gave the guests the idea of to what extent this will take in light of what number of are in participation is a basic piece of their wedding gathering course of events. Their DJ/MC called for the Grand Entrance and it was a fun time for their wedding party as well as close relatives to enter the banquet room with an interesting move or activity that prepares their visitors energized and for their fantastic passageway. Kira and Marco had the opportunity to celebrate being presented out of the blue as the love birds that they seem to be. Pick their most loved gathering tune and swagger their stuff! Ensure the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s entrances are separated from the other wedding party doorways on their wedding gathering course of events so they can have their own sparkling minute in the spotlight! At the time of their amazing passageway, everyone’s eyes are on theirs and it was an ideal time to go straight into their first move as a wedded couple. Regardless of whether their move is arranged or only an ease back and sweet minute to a wistful tune, this is their minute to sparkle together straight to the head table. The maid of honor/best man or the mother and father of the gives the toast.

Kira and Marco had a Catholic wedding Ceremony at St. Joseph Parish in 14th Street which is a 10-minute drive from Fairmont Palliser. Most couples getting married at that church book their hotel in Downtown. It was a unique bridal party exit when all the guests had their yellow wands waving upon the exit of the bride and groom at the church. I heard of rice grains or potpourri thrown at the couple upon exit but this is the first time that I saw a waving wand. This is one of the most memroable wedding that we filmed.