4 Tips to Help Write Personal Wedding Vows

A personís wedding is one of the most memorable, important, and high points in an individualís life. At a time when a man and a woman want to make the ultimate commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, the desire to have personalized vows is certainly understandable. This is one of the most unique and special days in a personís life, so if you want to speak your own personal wedding vows, than by all means, you should go for it!

Writing your own vows can be intimidating. Wedding days always add pressure to even the most mundane of tasks, and certainly writing the vows you want to say to your significant other in front of all your friends and family is no small matter! Still, donít let fear cause you to go along with some basic commonly used wedding vows if you really want that personalized touch. Just follow a few basic tips, and this will help you be on your way to writing the tips your future spouse deserves!

  1. Write from the heart. Your wedding day represents the epitome of love between you and your future spouse. The two of you are together for a reason. Anything you write should be honest and from your heart, because that is what will really make your words special.
  2. You don’t have to be Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson. If you are a poet, great. Keep in mind, though, that in the end words are just words. Your wedding vows do not have to be an amazing classic piece of literature they need to be an honest display of your feelings for the other person. Don’t use long poetical words if all it does is put distance between your words and your feelings.
  3. It Is okay to brainstorm. Before you set down to write everything, make a list of the things about your spouse that you absolutely love about your spouse, then make a list of the commitments you want to make. Figure out what parts of those lists you really want to include (keep in mind the vows are read in front of families and friends) and keep those.
  4. Short and Sweet. It doesn’t take many words or a lot of time to make your heart known to everyone present. A lot can be said in a really short time, so don’t feel like you have to make the vows any longer than they naturally come out.

Follow these four tips, and youíll find yourself getting over your worries to write some great wedding vows that your spouse will love!

Fairmont Banff Springs

In the early Summer this year, we had the opportunity to film Jana and Ryan’s wedding. The couple is not from Alberta nor from Canada but they’re from the US. They decided to get married in Banff and invited their beloved family and friends to witness their wedding in this beautiful place because this place is very important to them. The Fairmont Banff Springs was the ideal place to their big day. Having all their friends and family in their most loved most loved place was a blessing from heaven.  The view from The Terrace where they had their wedding ceremony is truly dazzling. Even the reception room was splashed in light with mountain sees out of each window. It was the ideal spot for their wedding party.

Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding

The Fairmont Banff Springs at 405 Spray Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1J4 is a delightful wedding setting in Banff that offers loads of choices for everything from an elopement, a cozy wedding in the mountains to a great assembly hall wedding all year.  It is popularly as the Castle in the Rockies and it is a very romantic spot that will make you fall in love when you see it. No wonder it is a popular spot to get married.

Fairmont Banff Springs
Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Wedding Video 2

The Surprise Corner which is a 5-minute drive from the hotel is truly a surprise. It was a breath-taking spot for their wedding photos. It was a perfect sunny weather to see the mountains against the splendid blue skies made for some genuinely staggering sceneries.At Fairmont Banff Springs, wedding functions on the open air porch at The Banff Springs offer a magical perspectives of the mountains and the bow stream underneath for guests to admire.

Fairmont Banff Springs

Mount Stephen Hall that seats up to 150 guests while the Cascade Ballroom is the biggest wedding space at the Banff Springs and can situate up to over 300 guests. The beautful glass roofed studio is attached outside of the Cascade Ballroom which is a good spot for having make-up for the bridal party in the morning and the cocktail bar area at the reception. The Alhambra room can situate up to a little over 300 guests as well. The Angus room at The Banff Springs is ideal for small number of guest for up to 30 guests. The Ivor Petrak room at the Banff Springs is more of for a private gathering with large windows to view the lovely mountains.

If you are looking for the best wedding videographer team to film your wedding at Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding email us at strawberryfilmsareforever@gmail.com.Videographer: Strawberry FIlms ForeverPhotograpaher: Geoff WilkingsWedding Venue: Fairmont Banff Springs HotelWedding Planner: Lynn Fletcher Weddings