Wedding With A Tight Budget

Wedding With Tight Budget? Start Here.

Grand weddings had been long-planned from being a little girl up to the time when the right guy comes along and popped the question. Most girls have already built all the wedding details in mind such as the fabric and style of the dress, the kind of flowers for the bouquet, the arrangement of the centerpiece, the pins for the hair and all that little specifics that are put up together to make that big dream wedding. Sadly, there are times that the grand weddings need to fit into a certain budget. Here are some pointers that will help you so you won’t need to spend a fortune for your wedding day.


Cut your guest list to closest family and friends only. It is not the quantity that matters but the solemnity and warmth of closest people that will witness your big day. The guest lists should be close enough that they could be able to talk and relate to each other during the event. Big weddings tend to have guests that don’t know each other. Smaller weddings result to less stress as well.


Limousines, massive flowers, bulky gowns, champagne, elegant venues are wedding stereotype. Simple is more beautiful and contemporary. Instead of the elegant bouquet, try the simple but elegant ones. Instead of plate meals, try the rustic buffet. Instead of expensive 4-star hotel venue, look for unexpected venues like public gym, local schools which can be converted into dining halls.


Most of the little things seems not expensive but when summed-up altogether, that could be lots of dollars out of your pocket. Little details that could have no use after the wedding can be skipped. Find vendors that can provide all these unnecessary things so that won’t be included into your budget. What you need to save budget for are things that will last a lifetime such as photography and videography.


Pre-owned items for weddings have been used once or a couple of times so it won’t hurt if you use them again. Find used items at your local classified ad sites. You can also consider renting instead buying a new one.


You don’t need to pay for each and every task. More than you know, your friends and family members are more than willing to share an extra hand for free.

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