Cornerstone Theatre Wedding Video

Cornerstone Theatre125 Kananaskis Way, Canmore, AB T1W 2X2
Filming at Cornerstone Theatre is a wedding vision fulfilled.
It’s a given that a big day like wedding needs to have a some “feel”, correct? So in case you’re needing a laid-back, all-characteristic function with only a couple of dear companions, it’s a pick of a cutting edge craftsmanship setting.

Delicate, twinkling lights and falling florals whisk your guest to the tall tale wedding you’ve constantly longed for. Sentimental scenes enhance the adoration that you’re celebrating on your big day and wedding guests will swoon when you have your wedding in a rich inn assembly hall, a notable manor or even a château.

The greatest factor of choosing a venue like Cornerstone Theatre is that guests number of individuals can really fit into the space. This venue has plentiful lighting for each phase of the wedding day. Canmore is also a popular wedding venue and surely Cornerstone Theatre is one of the great choice for a wedding reception in that town.

Our team had the opportunity to film a couple of wedding a the Cornerstone Theatre. One is with Grace & Mike and the other was with Luke & Heather. Their wedding video teasers are in this page for you to view and see the beauty of having your wedding day at Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore.

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