Wedding Video Package

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         Heather & Luke

" Ann and her crew from Strawberry Films were always where they were supposed to be, and slightly early. It was such a load off to not have to worry about reliability at all, when I had so many other moving parts to plan that day. Also, my husband and I have both commented that we don't remember actually noticing the three person crew almost ever on our wedding day. They are not at all in your face, but managed to get great, personal shots.

We got married just over two months ago, and we have received everything from our package already (The short teaser video was ready within a week and was wonderful!). The turnaround time was crazy fast, and everything is fantastic quality! They break down the prices throughout the process, and remind you when payments are due - in a nice way. Every email that I sent was responded to within a day (and there were a lot), and everything I asked for was done (and there was a lot). I had a couple of ideas I wanted to include, and they really did a great job of incorporating a couple of the best obviously-stolen-from-Pinterest ideas.

Many of our friends and family have said that we have the best wedding video they have ever seen. It's the number one thing people have been talking to me about, and it feels so good every time someone complements it - because we just love it.

We have only positive things to say about our experience with Strawberry Films Forever from start to finish, and would recommend them 110%. (

Amna & Arsalan

“I am coming up on my one year anniversary now and have to take a few minutes to tell you all what a beautiful video Strawberry Films Forever produced for me. Having watched it countless times on my own and with loved ones I have come to realize all the work and dedication that went into it. From my very first meeting with Ann to the end product I was very impressed. Ann is very professional, prompt with replies, asks questions to understand her client’s expectations and their personalities. I found that she will listen with open ears and incorporate your ideas. In my case many ideas and expectations. On the wedding day she and her team quietly did their filming, not getting in the way and making sure they were there to capture all the candid moments of the day, from the first look between my husband and I, to the tears in my eyes when I heard my sister speak at my reception and everything in between. Even post-filming, they were quick to turn around the highlight video (less than a week for me) as well as the film in beautiful packaging and were even open to making changes after the first film was finalized. For this I am truly grateful and appreciative. Before choosing Strawberry Films Forever I really did shop around to find something I could afford and a team who would be willing and able create a meaningful and accurate representation of how we all felt that day. With this company you really get what you pay for. I have absolutely no regrets and would highly recommend them if you want to be able to capture and share your memories forever.” (Facebook Review)

Leslie & Terry

"I AM BLOWN AWAY!!!!! How do I write you a review?? Do you realize the gift you have given my family and friends with this video?!!!
My entire family has been ringing my phone off the hook, my facebook is blowing up and everyone is in tears

Melissa and Sanjay

“Thank you so much for making such beautiful videos of our wedding. We just watch the feature film now and it was so amazing! We loved it! We laughed, we cried, and are so happy with the way it turned out! What a beautiful keepsake for us and our families that we can treasure forever. Thanks a million times! All the best!”

Tokie (Wedding Planner)

"Let me start byt saying fantastic work! So far, I haven’t seen anything so beautiful, you guys are doing an amazing job! After watching two videos very immensely, I already know the theme that I would like. My favorite was Kristy and Jay, but I also loved particular scenes from Luke and Heather’s video. So I could see more of Kristy and Jays video and a little mix in there of Luke Heather for our video.”    

 Mother of the Bride (Voicemail)     

“Hi, I’m not sure if this is the videographer that did our daughter’s wedding the past weekend…I hope this is the right number, this is what we have on our file. I had a glimpse of their video on Facebook and oh my God, I got to tell you, my husband and I are absolutely blown away! Oh my God! That is so well done! Ive never seen like it…but I just wanted to tell you that I’m speechless. So good, I’m just like, wow! worth every penny. It’s just amazing! I can’t believe all the shots you’ve done at the Winter Club and in the Church. I was just blown away. I just want to let you know. Amazing! Thank you! Bye!”

Strawberry Films Forever