Who are we?

Our video production team in Calgary handles the production, directing if necessary, camera operation, lighting, sound, post-production, editing and motion graphics. We are using DSLR cameras, professional lighting and audio recorders.  On the actual wedding day, we does the set up and operation of audio and video equipments. We can work with your sound providers at the venue to operate sound and mixing boards. We also tear down equipment after the event. We record speech, music, special effects and other sounds. During the post production we synchronize audio, edit them to video files and convert video and audio files to digital formats.
We install audio recorders and cameras in hotels and function halls. When you get in touch with us via email or phone call, we would love to meet you in person to discuss important details about your wedding that can help us deliver the best wedding video for you. It is also a great opportunity for us to know you as a couple and your love story. We will not bore you about the technical details of our video production but more of like understanding how are we going to present your story. We would also like to know any special request that you would like us to include in your wedding video.